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The CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports series

News 2015


New for 2015 is the introduction of a `Winner`s Penalty`. This will take the form of the winner of race 1 will start race 2 from 11th at double-header weekend events. No penalty for the winner of race 2 carried over. This is to help make race 2 more interesting and prevent total dominations by one car as race 1 winners previously started on pole for race 2.

Last year Mark Ticehurst won 3 back to back races at Mallory and 2 at Donington . To his credit it was Mark himself volunteered a winners penalty ahead of the Oulton Park round. He wasnt the only one to dominate a weekend as the Morris brothers Peugeot scored back to backs at Brands and Paul Sibley likewise at Oulton as it turned out.

winners penalty

class weight-break

Also new for 2015 is the introduction of a class break for cars of both steel body+steel chassis allowing them to drop down a class. The class structure is based on engine-size but has often meant heavier original steel-bodied saloons competing with spaceframed fibreglass cars in the same class such are the complexities of mixing Saloons and Modsports of different eras and original regulations together. Sounds like sense to me though. Amoungst the cars likely to benefit are the Ford Escorts in class C ( 2-litre ) who should drop into class D ( 1500cc ) .All turbo cars remain in class A irrespective of body construction.


Baby Bertha wows them down under...

BB down under

Baby Bertha wowed the Australian crowd at the Philip Island VHRR Historic weekend ,last weekend. Our man Joe Ward did us proud in his ambassador role for the club and uk modifieds as a whole. Photo by Steve Dickson who posted ` It was an animal and I spent some time talking with the current driver who was an absolute gentleman and spent about 10 mins learning about the car. It was the highlight of the whole weekend for me!! `. Ward had previously said ` Very exciting, & something I never thought I would ever be invited to` as it hasnt been forgotten the car originally ran a Repco-Holden V8. Next stop for BB is due to be displayed at this weekends Australian Grand Prix ! so keep your eyes peeled during any paddock walkabouts on the live tranmission !

Great recognition for the cars 40th birthday.

Baby Bertha at Philip Island last weekend

photo by Steve Dickson

update : with BB not having an obvious category to compete in he was entered into what is called `Q Sports` as an Invitational and entered into 4 races for Q + R class sports cars. These were a mixture of specialist 2-seaters . specifically a mixture of Can-Am ( McLaren ) , 70s 2-litre sports cars ( Chevron , March ), 80s Group C2 ( Tigas ) and Aussie sports racers ( Elfins ). There was even a Porsche 962 so BB was up against some pretty powerful ,light and nimble race cars .

Learning the track Joe set a qualifying time of 2m 11.47 which looks slow compared to his best time in the last race of 1m 44.061 ! big improvement.

-Race 1 was `race 16` of the weekend ( saturday ) and Joe finished 11th out of 25.

-Race 2 was `race 27`on the saturday and finished 11th again , though Joe was 5th at the end of lap 1 , held 7th until the last lap when he lost 10 seconds . These were only 5 laps so both were sprint races time 1m46.49.

-Onto Sunday and race 3 was `race 38` of the weekend , Joe finished 10th . Wayne Park`s might Porsche 962. finally getting sorted and charged from 19th to 2nd.Best time 1m45.526

-Last race of the whole weekend was `race 49` and longer at 11 laps . Joe put in competitive and remarkably consistent times to finish a fine 5th and a best time of 1m 44.06.

The mighty Can Am McLaren M8F 8.2 of George Nakas won all 4 races.

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