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The CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports series

Croft preview...

Proving the ever expanding Classic Sports Car Club are truly national the club are delighted to make their first visit to Croft and connect with enthusiats in the north of England.

The CSCC hope to bring their usual impressive packed grids and full paddocks backed by friendly and well organised racing. The Special Saloons and Modsports are again part of the attractions and have 3 races over the weekend.





QUALIFYING at 9-30 am ( 20 minutes )

RACE 1          at 13-15 pm ( 15 minutes )

RACE 2          at 16-10 pm ( 15 minutes )



RACE 3          at 15-00 pm ( 15 minutes )

RACE ENTRY- Croft Northern Classic July 22nd/23rd 2017 :

A Class Competitor(s)

Wayne Crabtree -Ford Escort BDT (T) 1800

Craig Percy -Morris Minor 6200

David Beatty - Honda Prelude (T) 2000

Paul Connell -Ford Sierra RS500 (T)

Danny Morris / Ricky Parker-Morris -Peugeot 309 GTi (T) 2000


B Class Competitor(s)

Ian Hall Driver -Darrian Wildcat T98 GTR 5995

Ian Wilson -TVR Tasmin FHC 3600 ( ENTRY WITHDRAWN )

Chris Southcott -MG Modsport 2400

Bob Claxton -Skoda 110R Coupe 2500

Ian Stapleton Alfa Romeo -Alfetta GTV6 3800

James Plant -Allard J2 6000


C Class Competitor(s)

Ron Harper / Jack Harper -Triumph Spitfire 1997

Ian Staines -MG Midget 1800

Thomas Carey -Honda CRX 2000

Andy Southcott -MG Modsport 2000

Paul Sibley -Lotus Elan 2000

David Brewis -Darrian T90 1998


D Class Competitor(s)

Jeremy Burgoyne -Ford Escort Mk1 1988

Neil Claxton - Suzuki SC100 1300

Neil Duke -Ford Anglia 2000

Tim Cairns - MG Hexagon Midget 1460

Anthony Hayes - Mini Saloon 1430


T Class Competitor(s)

Paul Eaton - Holden Commodore

CSCC Special Saloons & Modsports logo

Back on the entry list is Ron Harper from Middlesborough with son Jack in the family`s venerable Spitfire. Ron has been racing this car at Croft since around 1971 so knows his way around.

Another welcome return to a local team is the Claxton Racing team of Bob and son Neil. Bob was recently at the Silverstone round in the Skoda but Neil returns after missing the last 2 CSCC seasons in his Suzuki SC100.

Thomas Carey is back after missing Silverstone with gearbox problems from the previous Thruxton round. The ex-Gary Streat Honda CRX is always a bit of a giant killer against the biggesr class cars.

Brewis Darrian

David Brewis has previously raced a Lotus Elan and a Suzuki in the series but for Croft brings his next machine out a Darrian T90.



Wayne Crabtree like Carey also returns after missing Silverstone. The smart RSR Escort Mark 1 had a tangle with the Mazda at Thruxton but is back for blue oval fans to cheer on at Croft.

For many the Morris Minor V8 sums up the spirit of the series best...built up from a old 1960s Police car by builder Chris Isaacs into an immaculate rumbling race car and has proved very reliable with it too. New owner Craig Percy continues his series commitment and will surely gain new fans.


James Plant provided on of the best spectacles at Silverstone in the amazing Allard V8 with a great sound and controlled driving. Built up by John Plant this is a real old fashioned home made special and returns for a second series outing.


Paul Sibley remains the series stalwart having entered every single round in the ex-Rob Cox 'Black Bullet' Lotus Elan

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