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The CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports series

Silverstone entry list

ANDY WILSON makes a welcome return to the series that he helped founder this saturday at Silverstone. Having previously raced both a spaceframe Mini and Toyota Starlett Wilson bring his awesome new Ford Falcon. This is the former Falcon raced in BTCC by Terry Sanger and then in special saloons by Rhoddy-Harvey Bailey andlater ASCAR with Tom Laffey before racing in Historic races. Wilson has modified the car , the oldest the series has had and now pumps out around 600 bhp !  The car's styling hasnt been inspired by its own history but Wilson remembers the similar car of Malcolm Stevens from the races at Croft when a young Wilson would be there assisting his father who raced and would strike fear with the car's noise and sheer presence !

The car has already raced at Croft and Silverstone National this year and could be the star of the show .


DAVID BEATTY is a staunch supporter of the series and attends most meets bringing his cars over from Ireland. He`s probably the perfect car collector for a fans point of view in that his cars are kept in true livery to a very high standard and most importantly raced . He currently owns BOTH the ex-Gerry Marshall Marsh Plant Aston Martin V8s which he continues to work with Geoff Marsh with the evolutions of the cars. Beatty is racing one of the 2 cars at Silverstone and will be a fans favourite . His other car in the stable is the beautiful Honda Prelude Cosworth that Rod Birley won the Thundersaloon championship with.

STEVEN MOSS makes a welcome return to the series after a 2017 season dogged with rotten luck after making the Thruxton season opener. Two crashes at non-CSCC races at Cadwell and Brands Hatch caused the team heartache and long hours of rebuilding.

After a succesfukl shake down at Snetterton recently the car known as 'The Green E' is ready for its series return. The car and crew were missed at the other 3 CSCC rounds last year as the car has become something of an iconic and unmistakable car with its own character. Driver / owner Moss always happy to let young fans pose for pictures with the car as its often the favourite with enthusiasts of all ages.

Race Entries CSCCSilverstone Spectacular May 5th/6th May 2018 on 05 May 2018 at Silverstone :

CSCC Wendy Wools Special Saloons & Modsports (Sat)

A Class:

5 - Wayne Crabtree (Blue Sky Engineering) Ford Escort BDT (T)  1800cc

16 - Craig Percy - Morris Minor  6277

44 - Matt Moore (Moores Motor Services) RSR Escort (T)  2000

55 - David Beatty - Aston Martin DBS V8 Marsh Plant  700055

79 - Steven Moss (Jayar Car Parts) Ford Anglia Spaceframe (T)  2000

309 - Ricky Parker-Morris / Danny Morris (Chris Holmes Racing) Peugeot 309 GTi  (T)  2000

B Class:Competitor(s)

17 - Ian Hall Driver Darrian Wildcat T98 GTR  5995

97 - Andy Wilson Driver Ford Falcon  6700

C Class:

19 - Mark Freemantle (Godstone Mercedes MJF Services) Ford Escort Mk2  2300

26 - Alan Breck (ABC House and Extension Calculations Ltd) Ford Capri  5000

31 - Thomas Carey (Garage 83 Motorsport) Honda CRX  2000

175 - Andy Southcott (Zip-Ties-R-Us) MG Modsport  2000

D Class:

1 - Tim Cairns (Hexagon) MG Hexagon Midget  1460

8 - Dan Minton / Steve Minton - Ford Escort Mk2  2000

10 - Jeremy Burgoyne (Under The Cover Dog) Ford Escort Mk1  1988

57 - Tony Paxman (Oakcroft Garage) Ford Escort Mk1  2000

66 - Neil Duke (Mechanical Fuel Injection Fitted) Ford Anglia 105E  2000

85 - Anthony Hayes - Mini Saloon  1430

101 - Malcolm Harding (Creative Construction Co Surrey Ltd) Ford Escort  2000


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